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Posted by Moneer Masih Tehrani on December 18, 2019 | Media, Photographer Interviews

Read about Jack Davison's process and how this year's Performers Issue was made. More


Posted by Moneer Masih Tehrani on December 2, 2019 | Student Photography


The Fall 2019 issue of PDNedu is now available. In this issue, dedicated to the topic of home, you’ll find a profile on our cover shooter, Chantal Anderson, whose work examines the notion of place; a feature on fine-art photographer, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, who examines the notion of home in American cities; and Shawn Bush’s photography of the... 2021ssr


Posted by 免费节点每天更新2021 on November 7, 2019 | Student Photography

As the climate crisis becomes more urgent, so, too, does the role of photography in raising awareness. For those who haven’t been directly affected by the destructive impact of global warming, it may feel like an abstract idea—or the extent of the impact may not be understood. Climate photography helps to make visceral what could... More


Posted by Katelyn Peters on November 7, 2019 | Education, Photographer Interviews

LaToya Ruby Frazier’s work as a visual artist deftly blends tales of personal experience with social reportage. She tries to impart this sense of balance to her students at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where Frazier is an associate professor of photography. “It is essential to encourage students to speak from the... More


Posted by Katelyn Peters on November 4, 2019 | Education, 免费ssr节点2021


Five years into her professional photography career, L.A.-based photographer Julia Stotz really started leaning into the work she loves—shooting still lifes. Ten years later, she’s flexed her creative muscles for brands such as Bon Appetit, Food and Wine, The New York Times and UberEats. “I love shooting still lifes because it’s a slower process,” Stotz... More

航海王燃烧意志SSR排行2021 最新SSR排行一览[多图]-高手 ...:2021-3-22 · 航海王燃烧意志SSR排行2021 最新SSR排行一览[多图],航海王燃烧意志在新的版本中上线了一些SSR角色,这让以前的SSR排行有了改动,接下来安族小编就带大家来看一下最新SSR排行一览。航海王燃烧意志节奏榜PVET0:女帝:八星可用,最强PVE ...

Posted by Katelyn Peters on November 4, 2019 | Education, Photographer Interviews

Jessica Pettway is a New York-based photographer who was recognized in PDN‘s 30 in 2019. Her recent commercial clients include awrp, Vitafusion and by CHLOE, and recent editorial clients include The New Yorker, SALTY Magazine and Business Week. At the Creator’s Lounge at PHOTOPLUS 2019, Pettway spoke about the importance of finding a community of... 2021ssr节点

PHOTOPLUS 2019 Talks: Adrian Mueller on His Still-Life Photography Career and Advice for Young Photographers

Posted by Katelyn Peters on November 1, 2019 | Education

Photographer Adrian Mueller spoke at the PDN 30’s Creator’s Lounge at PHOTOPLUS 2019 about how he’s won bids for advertising clients, and how to manage client expectations once he’s been hired. Mueller is a commercial still life food and beverage photographer, and he’s recently worked for Adidas, Ciroc, Hershey’s and Prada. Mueller began his career... 2021ssr节点


Posted by Katelyn Peters on October 31, 2019 | Media

Soraya Zaman’s book, American Boys, is the evolution of an online project the photographer began in 2016 as a way to showcase a diversity of trans narratives. The internet is rife with demonizing images of people who do not adhere to societal expectation of gender and sexuality; Zaman wanted to increase the positive imagery of... More

Isabel Epstein’s Fashion Portraiture is a Rallying Cry for Change

Posted by Brienne Walsh on October 30, 2019 | Student Photography

Isabel Epstein believes that beautiful photographs have the capacity to foment a transformation in people’s lives. “Viewers can be captivated by beauty, and then come to a realization about an issue through that captivation,” she says. A well-crafted fashion editorial or portrait, she contends, can bring awareness from a gentler angle than documentary photography. “The... More

阴阳师2021必练的ssr式神有哪些-2021必练式神ssr_手游 ...:2021-5-18 · 阴阳师手游ssr式神哪个好?不少玩家在玩这款游戏的时候不知道哪一个ssr式神比较厉害,这里小编给大家带来的是阴阳师手游2021ssr式神排行榜,还不清楚的小伙伴,快来看看吧。

Posted by Brienne Walsh on October 29, 2019 | Contests/Events, Photographer Interviews

A man golfing in front of residential buildings and construction sites. Hong Kong is marking 20 years since the territory was handed from Britain to China, after more than 150 years of British rule, as the handover on July 1, 1997, had been viewed with a mixture of uncertainty and hope. The territory's economy has seen benefits from the closer links to China since the handover although social and political tensions have been brewing over the last two decades. Hong Kongers have developed a stronger sense of local identity, which is also been defined by anti-mainland sentiments, and that led to the Umbrella protests of late 2014. Hong Kong was promised Ò50 years of changelessnessÓÑa transformative and unique indicator for its transition. Every day since the handover, society has been infiltrated with minute changes that cannot expressed, ranging from the development of hardware, to the rise and fall of ideologies. Instead of outlining history, this work aims to document transitions in different facets of society, from singing "God Save the Queen" (the national anthem of British Hong Kong) to humming "people are slaves no more" (lyrics from the Chinese national anthem); from being old migrants to becoming new Hongkongers; and from making money as property agents to gaining power as rural landlords. This body of work is created to portray a wandering status of Hong KongÑreferencing Beijing, and the ghosts of uncertainty that haunt the journey ahead.

When Billy H.C. Kwok describes the way that Hong Kong, the city where he was born and raised, has changed since it was officially reverted to Chinese sovereignty on July 1, 1997, he uses this analogy: “Last year, I went to New York City, and I took a taxi,” he began. “In New York, there... More

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阴阳师2021必练的ssr式神有哪些-2021必练式神ssr_手游 ...:2021-5-18 · 阴阳师手游ssr式神哪个好?不少玩家在玩这款游戏的时候不知道哪一个ssr式神比较厉害,这里小编给大家带来的是阴阳师手游2021ssr式神排行榜,还不清楚的小伙伴,快来看看吧。

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